Pacific Business Group on Health

The Challenge

The Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH) empowers their member organizations – both private employers and public agencies alike – to drive improvement throughout the healthcare system. As some of the largest purchasers of healthcare, these organizations are the most powerful voice for both consumers and patients, leveraging their concentrated power to test innovative healthcare methods in specific markets and then take successful approaches to scale across the country.

How CURA Strategies and the Pacific Business Group on Health are Driving Innovation in Healthcare Purchasing and Delivery

The Purchaser Value Network (PVN)

PBGH launched PVN with the goal of creating nationally-aligned purchasing strategies among a critical mass of private and public purchasers to drive innovation and the redesign of care delivery. CURA Strategies was selected to develop and execute a supportive strategic communications plan to:

  • Position PVN as the go-to source for best practices and innovation in employer healthcare purchasing and serve as the representative voice of employer interests to policymakers
  • Recruit private and public healthcare payers and allied stakeholders to engage in alternative payment models (APMs)
  • Educate and equip members with resources and guidance on how to implement value-based purchasing

To achieve these goals, PVN developed a series of toolkits and presentations used to train employers around the nation. CURA was asked to “consumerize” the content by assisting with copywriting, editing, and visual design. We also assisted with promoting a co-sponsored event with the American Enterprise Institute and organized the post-event content marketing for a congressional audience.

The DRIVE Health Initiative

The DRIVE Health Initiative is a campaign to accelerate the U.S. system’s transition to value-based health care through targeted deregulation, policy change, and evidence-based government healthcare purchasing strategies. This campaign, launched by PBGH and The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC), was also aimed at informing policymakers and urging President Trump, Secretary Price, and Congress to improve quality and reduce costs by using and promoting value-based purchasing strategies based on practical lessons from private sector innovations.

Fixing Health Care: Practical Lessons from Business Leaders Highlights


Purchaser Value Network

  • Developed the PVN brand, including the visual identity and the tagline, “We Benefit Together”
  • Developed comprehensive messages with supporting proof points on value-based purchasing and the role of public and private purchasers to instigate change
  • Promoted the program’s launch with a press announcement and targeted media outreach to trade and beltway media
  • Created a complementary social media strategy for PBGH’s established channels
  • Developed the site map and content for the website
  • Developed a highlights video based on the footage from the AEI event. This video was then promoted on YouTube and has received nearly 15,000 views.


The DRIVE Health Initiative

  • Facilitated planning discussions and alignment on messaging strategy
  • Developed message options and scenarios; and naming and branding strategy
  • Developed key messaging documents, including proof points to validate the models
  • Planned, designed, wrote content for, and managed the build of DRIVE Health’s website in three weeks
  • Developed the campaign’s call to action: the policy recommendation blueprint
  • Managed earned and social media outreach, including a press release
  • Developed the social media strategy and content for PBGH, ERIC, and their members and allied partners
  • Distributed alerts and announcements to reach their members, Capitol Hill, and the administration