Sarah Sonies

Managing Supervisor

Sarah Sonies is a strategic communications professional with deep experience in advocacy, public affairs and media relations. She brings both in-house and agency experience, working alongside stakeholders and clients to help shape messaging that resonates with national audiences. She’s worked on and developed campaigns for hospitals and health systems, philanthropy organizations, non-profits, and several federal agencies.

Sarah’s expertise includes strategic planning, policy analysis and media relations. She is skilled in developing messaging and strategy around high-level policy and advocacy issue areas. Prior experience includes leading development of a series of white papers centered around teaching hospitals and payment reform and Medicaid and Medicare policy papers and memos.

Prior to joining the team at CURA, Sarah worked at Vanguard Communications with clients in the health and wellness space to develop public health, corporate social responsibility, and policy change campaigns at the grassroots, industry and federal levels. She is passionate using the power of research and data to tell a compelling story that influences policy changes and improved outcomes.