About Us

Who We Are

CURA Strategies is a bipartisan integrated strategic communications agency focused on one thing: transforming health care.

We believe it’s not enough to just change the conversation. We must change the way people understand and act on the most pressing health care challenges we face. Mental health access and quality. Ending the opioid crisis. Creating the gold standard for diabetes care. Ensuring veteran caregivers have the tools they need. Advancing the latest in telemedicine.

We’re selective

We only work with those who are, or want to be, trailblazers.

We’re committed

Our clients’ missions become our own.

We’re vocal

We speak up and we speak out. We don’t shy away from CURAgeous conversations.

We’re collaborative

Good ideas don’t happen in a vacuum. We’re part of your team, and you’re part of ours.

We’re all about results.

Our Values: “What’s in a name?”

Our name, CURA — Latin for care, concern, and attention to others — exemplifies our mission, and the way we approach health, wellness, ourselves, and our clients. What we believe is also how we work, and our values as a company are rooted in:


We believe the best work comes from the trust that develops between our team and our clients when we’re working together for the long haul.


At CURA, we push ourselves to go beyond what we know, what we observe, and what we experience, and strive to see things differently and take a fresh approach or a different angle.


The dictionary defines courage as the “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” We define CURAge as the strength to pursue the betterment of the greater good. Lofty? Perhaps, but bold action must be rooted in a fundamental belief, and for us, taking transformative action to improve people’s lives is always a winning strategy.