Sanitize Your Nose Launch

The Challenge

Global Life Technologies Corp., manufacturer of Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer®, engaged CURA Strategies to build a public health awareness campaign to educate consumers on the role the nose plays in spreading germs and the importance of sanitizing the nose.


  • Increase awareness of the role of the nose in spreading infection and the importance of nasal sanitization to protect oneself and others
  • Educate the public on clinically-proven methods of sanitizing the nose

How CURA Strategies and Nozin are advancing an under-recognized infection prevention practice

Our strategy centered on connecting nasal hygiene with hand hygiene, an already well-known practice among the public to prevent the spread of germs and infection. Our key message: sanitizing the nose is the other half of prevention, and there are products formulated and clinically proven to kill  germs in the nose. CURA developed and successfully launched a consumer education campaign, including:

  • Created the campaign brand and messaging, including the name, logo, tagline and color scheme, that associated sanitizing the nose as an additional shield of protection
  • Developed a consumer-facing microsite and campaign content, including fact sheets, social media graphics, animated videos media graphics
  • Leveraged clinical experts to create an advisory board comprised of infection prevention experts and medical professionals
  • Conducted a national poll to measure awareness of nasal sanitization
  • Launched the campaign with a multifaceted earned, paid and social media blitz, including a mat release, national satellite media tour, and a three-week-long Facebook ad campaign.


Digital media highlights (3 weeks post launch):

  • Attracted over 6,700 visitors to the microsite garnering more than 10,700 page views
  • Received 11 inquiries
  • Ran 20 social ads garnering more than 23 million impressions leading to 1,700 landing page conversions

Media coverage:

  • Satellite media tour
    • Placed 85 airings in regional news markets with a combined total of approximately 2 million views/listeners
    • Secured 21 interviews with advisory board members
    • Exceeded guaranteed placements by 325%
  • MAT Release
    • Garnered 2,552 placements with a combined reach around 29 million
  • Press release
    • Received 105 pickups with a combined reach around 50 million